Renal Essentials Cats Chewable 60 Tablets

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Renal Essentials Cats Chewable 60 Tablets

 Superior kidney support formulas for optimal kidney function during times of stress.

  Helps maintain proper kidney function by supporting

¤ Renal Circulation

¤ Immune & Antioxidant Defense System Functions

¤ Homocysteine Balance

¤ Supports Normal Fluid Retention

¤ Stress Management

¤ Kidney & Liver Function

¤ Detoxification

Astragalus Root Powder is an adaptogen that supports immune function and kidney circulation.

Rehmannia is a Chinese herb traditionally used as a blood tonic and to support urine flow.   It is said to be the œkidney's own food.   It is an adaptogen that

supports kidney circulation as well as kidney and liver function.

Nettle (Urtica dioica) Seed Extract supports the immune system, circulation, detoxification functions, and balanced fluid retention.                  

Cordyceps sinensis Extract is an adaptogen and antioxidant.   It supports immune system function,

energy production, removal of toxins, and kidney function.

Vitamin B1 is an antioxidant that supports efficient kidney circulation and the metabolism of    

fats, carbohydrates, and proteins for proper energy production.

Vitamin B2 is found in the largest concentrations in the liver, kidney, and heart.   It is an

antioxidant that supports metabolic activity for optimal energy production and the removal of    

unwanted materials from the kidneys.   The B vitamins together may help reduce oxalate problems

in the kidney and decrease fluid retention.   B vitamins are water-soluble and are not properly    

recycled in times of kidney stress or dysfunction and supplementation may be required.  

  Folic Acid, DMG, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 help to support circulation,    

methylation and sulfuration pathways.

Potassium is important for mineral balance and water absorption.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that supports kidney function and circulation.

Lecithin may help protect the kidneys from fatty build up.  

Choline and Inositol are phospholipids that support reduced fluid retention.

DMG, EPA, and DHA support immune function, balance eicosanoid production, and blood flow

to the kidneys.