PETfraction (Vet) 2 Ounces

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PETfraction (Vet) 2 Ounces

PETfraction is a veterinary version of Maitake D-Fraction Pro developed in response to requests from holistic veterinarians and pet-loving consumers. It contains purified and standardized "active proteoglucan" from Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) at professional strength. The active proteoglucan, often referred to as "D-Fraction" by scientists, is a unique beta-glucan conjugated with protein, that has been identified and isolated as a substance responsible for the potent immune-support property of Maitake mushrooms.* Maitake D-Fraction Pro has been the subject of many clinical and non-clinical studies in the US, Japan and other countries.

PETfraction 1 oz. bottle contains 3, 000 mg of PD-Fraction , which is standardized to contain more than 900 mg (30%) of the active proteoglucan. Contains no alcohol, sugar, yeast, mold, gluten, dairy products, artificial colors, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.