Augmented Four Substances Liquid 1 Ounce

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Augmented Four Substances Liquid 1 Ounce

Augmented Four Substances encourages a healthy condition and flow of Blood, and vigorously moves both Qi and Blood. Deficient Blood, which is not plentiful enough, does not flow well, leading to the concurrent pattern of Blood stasis. Together, this insufficiency and stasis of the Blood in the womb leads to menstrual irregularity, often with a shortened cycle, and lower abdominal and periumbilical menstrual cramps, usually at the start of the menstrual flow, with dark or purplish, sticky menstrual blood. When this pattern lingers long term hard abdominal masses may form which, in turn, further obstruct the flow of Qi and Blood, causing recurrent pain.

Eases menstrual discomfort with a shortened cycle, menstrual cramps
Occasional emotional restlessness, anxiety and irritability
Occasional lower abdominal pain, muscle tension
Occasional eye strain and blurry vision
Dry and cracked nails, a pasty pale complexion
Occasional dizziness, palpitations
Eye floaters