60 to 90 Bone Protect w/Vitamin K 60 Capsules

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60 to 90 Bone Protect w/Vitamin K 60 Capsules

It Is a scientifically known phenomenon, that as we age our bones get weaker and more brittle, leading to various injuries due to slips, falls, difficult movements and weaker structural support.

Kirkmans Bone Protect is a hypoallergenic formulation designed to support strong bones and teeth and helps maintain or improve bone strength as we age.   Two different forms of calcium (carbonate and citrate) are combined with two forms of magnesium (oxide and glycinate) to supply 300 mg. of calcium and 150 mg. of magnesium per the two capsule dosage.   Calcium and magnesium are necessary for healthy, strong bones and teeth and limit the formation of osteoporosis.  

In addition, vitamin D-3 is added because this vitamin is known to enhance the absorption of minerals.   Boron is also added based on studies that indicate that boron improves body stores of calcium and magnesium and improving bone density.   Boron accomplishes this by aiding the body's retention of these minerals and limiting their urinary excretion.

The normal daily dose of this product is two capsules, however up to six capsules daily may be taken depending on an individual's daily calcium intake from food.   The goal in the 60-90 years should be to have a daily calcium intake of 10000-1200 mg. from diet and supplementation.   In certain situations, physicians may recommend even higher doses.